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Monday. August 29. 2016 9.54pm

Commented on their own Stand Up Paddle Boarding session “Jimmy Lewis M14 First Paddle” at Milford

Yeah it is the perfect 14'er! You should get one.

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2018 Season8 sessions
8 Windsurfing
4 Just Cruising
2 Waves
1 Grovel/Swim
1 Bump n Jump
2017 Season40 sessions
31 SUP
16 Surfing
12 Long distance
3 Just Cruising
9 Windsurfing
5 Waves
2 Just Cruising
1 Bump n Jump
1 Speed
All Time712 sessions
393 SUP
213 Surfing
109 Long distance
69 Just Cruising
1 Waves
305 Windsurfing
151 Waves
92 Bump n Jump
26 Just Cruising
8 Racing
6 Speed
6 Grovel/Swim
3 Freestyle
1 Surfing
7 Fishing
4 Long line
3 Trouling
4 Snowboard
2 Freestyle
1 All-Mountain
1 Freeride
2 Wakeboard
1 BS-ing
1 Talking crap

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Auckland based keen as wavesailor. Current fleet: - 145L Kona 10'6" - 102L Starboard Kode FSW - 95L Starboard Kombat FSW tri-Fin conversion - 87L Starboard Black Box twin+trailer fin - 84L Mistral twin fin - 74L Mark Nelson Maui custom twin/quad - Naish 7.0 Boxer SL Slalom - Severne Blades: 6.2, 5.7, 5.3, 5.0, 4.5, 4.0 SUBS: 12'6 Fanatic Fly Race, 9' @125L Naish Hokua, 8'5x29" @109L Fanatic Pro Wave Ltd Edition

Member since: 12 November 2009

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Feb 2015

stuckinlondon : So I finally made it back to NZ unfortunately kit won't arrive for at least a week. Where do you Auck guys go In a west /Sou west Stevo?

Sep 2013

janski : Hi, I'm looking for someone to sail with or a group. Not at a level your are at, more of a novice. Need to sail with someone who knows what they are doing and is willing to be a mentor??

Jan 2013

juergen : Hi, I am German and LOST in Warkworth, seraching for ANY possibility to rent Windsurf equipement in the area (09-Jan-2013 till 13-Jan-2013) ... if you have any idea for me, would really appreciate. jwege @ gmx dot net thanks in advance

Sep 2011

stuckinlondon : Hi Stevo/Neil- gear update: any tghts on severne blades? i see you sail the s-1's Steve. have tried the 2012 ezzy's but find them very top end only sail. boards- liked the quattro tempo twin. rrds and the short tabou off the list so far. hope to test the new fanatic quad and the 2 quatrro quads + goya next. def a long way from deciding at this stage. top day on sun at wst wittering decent waves i thght. rgds Jim

Jul 2011

Neill : Strong westerly forecast for tomorrow (Tues 12th). Gonna probably sail off Army Bay again in arvo. Are you guys going to mission it up again?

Jun 2011

stuckinlondon : Tx, Stevo. Top point on the twin, i def have had my quad blinkers on. Will try some of those out before i pull the trigger. Cheers. Jim

Jun 2011

Stev021 : G'day stuckinlondon, I got your message on my wall about kit for Auckland. If you are going to wavesail in Auckland and are 80-80kg then get a 85L twin/quad with a fast rocker that works in really onshore conditions. I use a '09 Mistral 84L twin as my go-to board and it rips in Auckland conditions. The sailing on the South Coast of England is way better than in Auckland so get your fill in there and do some exploring as there are some great low tide spots to sail like Camber Sands, Hayling Island, Pagham, Avon, K-bay.

Jun 2011

stuckinlondon : Hi Steve, any kit advice for an ex Plim boy looking for a guide on what Auck wavesailing kit to buy plse? Currently in UK and prob do some sailing at west wittering here while fx rate hopefully calms down! (wondering what size boards, sails for mainly Omaha,orewa type sailing for 80-85kg guy you would recommend, if you would) tx!

Dec 2010

loopy : haha. i was wondering where you guys were going.

Dec 2010

windboy : follow me! windboy...

Nov 2009

Stev021 : Yeah took us awhile eh. There is a UK site called Forces of Nature which is a session logging site but that is not a patch on this one! I'm subtly plugging on the Boards mag forum so you might see an increase in UK activity...

Nov 2009

mitchiedog : I wondered how long it would be before you UK "Boards" lot cottoned on to this.... welcome.