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Brazier Rock Mission

Brazier Rock, Auckland
Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Surfing
3 pm - 5 pm Sunday. May 8. 2011
my rating 4 star rating
Wind Direction: N Wind Strength: gentle breeze Swell Direction: NE Swell Size: shoulder Tide: Mid - Falling.

Loopy and I had previously discussed checking out Brazier Rock off the coast of Wenderholm as a potential wavesail/SUP surf spot.

Today was the day as there was a solid swell on the Eastcoast and somehow Loopy and WindBoy had extracted themselves out of Mothers Day duties to take Loopy's jetski and the three of us plus two SUBs out to Brazier Rock!...

We all met up at the boat ramp at Wiawera at 2:30pm and quickly got the ski launched....but the tide was low and we hit the bottom and clogged up the intake on the jetski. Bugger! Quickly fixed that but Loopy had to walk the ski out and we paddled until we hit deeper water to actually get on the jetski. We fixed the SUBs to the ski using our leg ropes to tow the boards behind. Right we're off!!!...immediately my leg rope snapped that was attached to the ski! Bugger!

Decided that towing wasn't going to work so the two boards went along side on the jetski with us three. Right we're off...

Fanged North from Waiwera and around the headland of Wenderholm park. We weren't quite sure what we were looking for but found a wave breaking off a reef so assumed it was Brazier Rock. Quickly got on the boards and paddled into it.

Brazier Rock is an exposed reef with a marker on it and the wave breaks off a submersed reef next to it. The waves were shoulder to over head high and breaking in a very defined point. Just as WindBoy and I figured out the peak a tow surf crew turns up and starts blasting around the peak. Thanks guys now we have jetski wake to contend with!

The wave riding was made very tricky by a moderate N-NE breeze that picked up and it became very choppy. There was chop on the wave face and a building side-on shore breeze around 10-12 knots which meant you got broad sided by chop as you were paddling for the wave. Some of the big sets were head-high+ but they were random. The wave was pretty soft and had a nice bowl to it but it was a one hit wonder just offering a take-off and a turn and then it turned into a rolling swell. The wave also looked like it was peaking slightly south but actually broke a bit north. You had to be spot on with the take off as two feet either way meant the difference of getting the wave – or mainly not.

I only got two ok wave rides the whole time and did a lot of falling off and missing the take off. WindBoy may have had more luck but we were both missing waves we'd normally easily catch due to the choppy and windy conditions and the tight take off.

I think the spot is worth a look again in a bigger swell with a more offshore wind. Also you could probably paddle out there from Wenderholm.

So all-in-all a great mission and real feel of exploration but a bit let down by the on-shore breeze and choppy conditions.

Thanks to Loopy for the jetski and photo duty!...and his patience watching Winboy and I flail around!



09.05.11 5.45 pm
Sounds like you guys had a good adventure despite not catching too many waves. Half the fun, I reckon.

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Session rating
3 star rating
Session rating
3 star rating