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Kina Road Nth

5 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Well what can I say that hasn't been already.... This was very probably the best day wave sailing in my life. The swell was monster with some mast and a half (solid) sets rolling in, but the Nth | more...

First Featured April 2011 | 2250 Views 4 session comments4 19 session photos19 others rate this session5


5 star rating Stand Up Paddle Boarding: Surfing

The buzzing of my alarm interrupted the most bizarre dream I'd had in a long time, I was running through a..... nah that's another session log... It was dark and cold and I was seriously doubting | more...

First Featured July 2010 | 5438 Views 8 session comments8 15 session photos15 Session has video1 others rate this session4

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5 star rating 2011 Wave Nats Day 2

Kina Road Nth, Taranaki Windsurfing: Waves 10 am - 4 pm Saturday. April 23. 2011
4 session comments4 19 session photos19 others rate this session5

Well what can I say that hasn't been already.... This was very probably the best day wave sailing in my life. The swell was monster with some mast and a half (solid) sets rolling in, but the Nth break was pretty well behaved. The point was well defined and it wasn't too hard getting out if you timed it right. Today was the Double Elimination round. The first time this has been run in a long time and a chance to redeem yourself. Actually

| more...

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Monday. October 30. 2017 2.27pm

Commented on daltron2000's Surfing session “Water therapy” at Titahi Bay

noooooodle arms!

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Saturday. October 16. 2010 1.28pm Commented on the Cabedelo - Viana do Castelo wall

looks like a nice flat water spot

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I made this site. I'd prefer to be outside though.

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Nov 2012

Jacco Bergsma : Hi Chris, I just wrote a revgiew on the Quatro Thrusters 102 and 82. Maybe you can post it somewhere on the site or just read it for your own interest

May 2012

chris : Droped a daughter at a B'day just down the road so i thought I'd explore. Will take the deck next time for sure, it looks amazing and suuuuuper smooth, great views too!

May 2012

oldgearisbest : Was looking through yourSilverwood pics wondering if you were doubling as a real estate agent? Where's the action shots. Great spot aye, I was sniffing it out a couple of years ago but it was still a bit rough, looks prime now. Funny to think we were MTBing through mature pine forest there not so long ago

Mar 2011

WOWSUPNZ : aloha chris... tried to send you through an email but it failed i think i have the wrong address :( anyway its now abit late but there is a SUP 20km race this morning 9am Taupo!!!! Also will be sending you details re our BIG Easter Battling Paddles 3Event competition for you to spread the word n come play :) hope all's well down there with you and SUP's R UP aloha...

Oct 2010

chris : ahhhh... not taking laptops. will take some iPhones but connections are expensive. might have to save it all up till we get back. Leaving on Thursday early AM

Oct 2010

oldgearisbest : Hey Chris, looking forward to cutting edge demonstration of modern mobile and GPS technology to keep us all tracked on the WA mish. When are you guys going? Sounds awesome, might have to turn into an annual or bi-annual pilgrimmage.

Sep 2010

chris : yeah pretty good ;)

Sep 2010

jcourt : Thanks, you're the best!

Sep 2010

chris : will try when the media server is back up

Sep 2010

chris : okey

Sep 2010

jcourt : Hey chris can you share those awesome pushloop pictures with me pleeeeaasssse

Sep 2010

chris : yeah feeling more human today... the world's stopped spinning and I'm not swallowing razorblades. Only 5 weeks to get fit now, suppose I'd better start doing something!

Sep 2010

Diggers : Get well soon. Get it out of the way now rather than 5 weeks time.

Sep 2010

chris : ummmm we don't have a delete for the wall!?.... if we post a few more wall posts then it will push them off. Then when we have some time we can delete them/build an admin thingy for your wall

Sep 2010

jcourt : Hey Chris, could you remove the last two posts on my wall. Dirty spammer been hitting my blogs too.

Jul 2010

chris : yep I got the messages... will have a look at it in the morning

Jul 2010

chris : yeah I got it...

Jul 2010

Slapper : hey chris, i tried to leave a comment but don't think it worked - what about putting a swell height of "waist high". Quite a big diff between knee & shldr. Also, can it default to NZ when adding a session rather than dirty rotten Australia?

May 2010

chris : got some new toys to try out so I'm amping already! Should be a fun trip.... kiwi invasion!

May 2010

sides : Sweet. Just booked for Gnaraloo 27 Aug to 19th Sep. Cant wait.