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Wednesday. February 4. 2015 1.22pm

Commented on chris's Stand Up Paddle Boarding session “Scored it again!!!” at The Reef

We could do with some of those signs around Wellington.

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2017 Season7 sessions
7 Surfing
6 long board
1 short board
2016 Season34 sessions
34 Surfing
26 long board
8 short board
All Time224 sessions
223 Surfing
179 long board
44 short board
1 Snowboard
1 Freeride

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the wall

Feb 2011

daltron2000 : Hah, that's a pretty big leave pass. Might be a bit tricky and the swell won't stick around so enjoy.

Feb 2011

chris : thinking about hitting Whatarangi Friday morning... will keep an eye on things. wanna skive off work?

Apr 2010

chris : nice user name ;)