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Thursday. June 15. 2017 8.43pm

Commented on hugoluiz's Kite Surfing session “Muriwai - first time” at Muriwai

great well done. on my list to do

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Keen Wgtn windsurfer, having been doing it for years but only just starting to make some progress. Love getting out there.

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the wall

Jan 2012

dave.odonovan : Hi mate Have done some damage to my ankle. All swollen and off to physio today. Was a classic Lyall Bay day. A poor landing off a jump ( not even a big jump) but managed to get a smack up through my back foot from landing flat (and straightening my leg out too early before I hit the water). On crutches at moment but hopefully quick recovery. Shift to Auckland next week.

Jan 2012

Duncan Williams : What happened Dave?

Jan 2012

dave.odonovan : Thanks Anton I will have to learn to sail better!! Thanks for the offer to get my gear but I got it all sorted with Maranui. Hopefully be back into it in a week or so. Keen to see the video so let me know when it is uploaded on Vimeo-cool Thanks Dave

Jan 2012

fussyhedgehog : Hi Dave, hope you will recover quickly. Btw, my camera was filming when i seen you crawling out of water and then approached you. So i can to upload video to vimeo for you (password protected).