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2018 Season0 sessions
2017 Season0 sessions
All Time927 sessions
927 Windsurfing
402 Bump n Jump
311 Just Cruising
153 Speed
54 Racing
5 Waves
2 Grovel/Swim

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desmo has nothing to say... Its so sad...

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Apr 2012

AaronW : legend!!

Apr 2012

desmo : actually!!!!

Apr 2012

AaronW : Des, you didnt log a session today.. you must be laid up in hospital, everything ok?

Oct 2010

SimonRu : Hello Des!! M gonna organise barbecue for windsurfers at Stans place on saturday. Pls contact me 021824970 if u keen. Simon

Nov 2009

LR : Hi Des do you still have that JP 106 supercross for sale?