Lyall Bay

Wellington, New Zealand

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Lyall Bay:

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5 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Well, that was totally crazy Lyall. As big as it can be. Was hanging around for an hour before dare to get into the water. Kevin and James were inspiring. Damien had a big session before i arrived. | more...

First Featured April 2011 | 1351 Views | by fussyhedgehog 10 session comments10 8 session photos8 others rate this session5

Wind was perfect - just needed more waves

4 star rating Kite Surfing: waves

Got up this morning & realised there was a nice southerly blowing. Usually I'd be checking the forecast days before & getting amped about a potential session at Lyall, but today I was just going with | more...

First Featured March 2010 | 3837 Views | by markg 6 session comments6 3 session photos3 others rate this session4

epic lyall take two

5 star rating Surfing: short board

got lunch and rested for a little. Went around to Houghton to watch the take a few pics while having the coffee. Arms were tired but the swell was just awesome and clean today so we had to go | more...

First Featured March 2010 | 1420 Views | by hanza 3 session comments3 4 session photos4 others rate this session2


4 star rating Surfing: short board

had two crays in the pot but both underside. SUrf was still on-shore and pumping much so got back to lyall quick smart for a surf before the Phoenix game. Surf was small-med, sunny, and I think | more...

First Featured March 2010 | 3208 Views | by hanza 5 session comments5 3 session photos3 Session has video1 others rate this session3


5 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Fantastic. Sat at the beach in the back of the car until the rain slacked off a little bit and went out. Nice 4.0 with a logo high swell at times. The rain then eased completely and this seemed to be | more...

First Featured January 2010 | 1617 Views | by Troy 6 session comments6 2 session photos2 others rate this session4