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MCC, Mana
Windsurfing: Freestyle
3 pm - 4 pm Saturday. October 16. 2010
my rating 4 star rating
Wind Direction: N Wind Strength: powered   using 5.1 - 5.5m sail. Swell Direction: N Swell Size: nonexistent Tide: High - Rising.

1st time sailing at MCC after seeing Rob's heads-up on the Deepfried Wellington thread. Only 1 kiter there when we turned up and wasn't sure what it would be like. Turned out to be one of the best freestyle sessions ever as flat, shallow water and perfect 5.4m wind combined to make it so muh easier to make moves than anywhere else I've sailed in Wellington - and for that matter - anywhere else I've ever sailed. Rob got going about the same time as we did and was pulling off sweet spocks, flakas, shove-its and a whole lot of stuff I had no idea he could do. Much respect! I stayed with the old school and pulled off heaps of clew 1st 360s, cowboys, push tacks, 1 handed 360s, monkey gybes, ducks an reverse ducks and some other old stuff. Will now have to get out the Tricktionery book and think about trying something invented after the 80's. Will definitely be back there for another crack soon.

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17.10.10 2.14 pm
Wellingtons best kept secret...nice pic..


17.10.10 4.21 pm
yeah.... the secret is out now.!!!!

Was watching you guys from home and if you sailed down a bit further (where the marker on the map is) then its mirror flat on the MCC side.


17.10.10 8.00 pm
Yeah there is not much room there and with a few tea baggers it cuts it down even more. Perhaps you should take this sailing site off the logs !!!


17.10.10 10.09 pm
what sort of freestyle move is that jump? I haven't seen it before in the freestyle repertoire.

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