Twist and Shout

(AKA Arch Hill Park) Auckland, New Zealand

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Twist and Shout, Auckland
Mountain Biking: Cross Country
4 pm - 5 pm Thursday. December 24. 2015
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Wind Direction: N Wind Strength: calm

Had a big downpour in AKL today but had to try the new helmet. Dropped down to the local Arch Hill MTB track, - Twist and Shout, Can of Worms and a few others. And it was greasy, great, but when it is wet reminds me of what it was like in winter, deadly use of front brake not recommended. There's a few hair pins that drop 12-20 feet and when it is dry they're no problem but I've never taken them at full speed cause there's alot of gravity to accelerate you, and looking at the track when it is dry I can see by the black rubber marks on the track that the peeps have been locking up the back wheel to get around. No choice today, don't touch the brake, well I did the back one, and the back of the bike was coming down real quick in a slide, but the front wheel definitely not, don't touch it, deny the instinct to even give it a squeezze. One steep descent is over parallel roots running along the drop, and at the bottom of the drop is a turn, so not sure how to do that at speed, but braking on roots is also tricky when it is this greasy. My legs came down twice trying that.

Good ride before Xmas!

And to wind down after is the killer steep path back up to Grey Lynn. 2Xchoice.


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