port waikato

(AKA sunset beach) tuaku, Waikato, New Zealand

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Port Waikato

port waikato, tuaku
Kite Surfing: freeride
12 am - 3 pm Sunday. October 15. 2017
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Wind Direction: SW Wind Strength: overpowered

with: Bruno, Jordan kiting and Gislayne, J'essyka and Rubia on support team. We decided to go there to kitesurfing in a new place, the tide was not the correct because there I believe high tide should be better. We get there around 10:30 am and the wind was pretty strong, I didn't have my 7 meters because the forecast was light wind, this means I need to pump the 9 meters Dice, Bruno was on a 10 meters Naish and Jordan 11 meters F1 Bandit. Before we pump the kites we decided have a look and what we saw was not an encouraging vision, the Waikato river was not flat as I thought will be but we can see a spot on our left that can be good. We pumped the kites but we all thought the wind was too strong for the sizes we have, I was the only one more confident because I had the small kite, but Bruno and Jordan are more experient than me. I lauch Jordans kite and he told was not so bad, after I lauch Bruno's kite and in the end I driffiting water launch my kite. All was good we start to go upwind to the flat place. After a few tacks we get a very flat place close to the place the river get thin, the current was a bit strong in this place but the wind was strong and was really flat. We stick on this place and I start to practice some jumps, transitions, play around. Was very very good. Bruno felt in one of the jump and the kite rolled out twisting the line, Jordan stop to help him and after a while when I saw they where ready to kite again I stopped to launch theirs kites. When I put my kite in the water to driffiting launch the wind blow one line over the kite, I tried to run to see if I can bring the line back to the front of the kite but the kite turned and I didn't have nothing to do. I release my safety and pull the kite back to the sand, was a bit hard to do it because the current was pushing the kite under the water, after I clean the lines I put all the line on the water first and after the kite and the driffiting waterstart was ok. We kite for a bit more time and we decided go back, the down wind was so easy sometimes I was changing my foward foot without change course. We kite for about 2 hour but I was not so tired, I believe was because kite on the flat is much easier.


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"port waikato"
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