Minerva Reef

Nuku'alofa, Tonga

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Minerva Reef


Minerva reef

Minerva Reef, Nuku'alofa
Kite Surfing: freeride
1 pm - 2 pm Monday. November 13. 2017
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Wind Direction: SE Wind Strength: powered

  I was on board the catamaran Orion (Catana 90 feet), wind SE around 18/18 knots, kite North Dice 9 meter and board North Jaime 136cm.

  I was a little concerned about launch from the boat, I have never done this before and I didn't want make any mistake.

  My first concern was about set up the lines, but this was easy because the catamaran is huge, I place my bar at the bow and walked it through the stern. The plan was connect the lines from upwind and with the kite upside down, because that I place the bar upside down as well. I connected the kite to the pump and placed the kite on the water and pumped it, all worked very well, after the kite was inflated I connected the lines holding the kite upside down on my hand and close the struts. After that I turned the kite (leading edge down) holding it and a friend start to walk the bar to me while I was feeding the line under the kite, as I was water self launch. When he was close to me I connected the bar and release the kite in the water, kite drifted I jump in the water with the board and when the line stretched I was on business.

  Sailing was nice, a bit choppy but after I get upwind close to the reef was much smooth, I played a bit, some jumps, toe-side, ... the usual, one jump was really good but I took to much time to dive the kite and when I fall in the water the lines were slack and I have no control to the kite, was not that bad because the kite fall but not twist the lines.

  After a while I decided is time to stop, but the tender was attached to the stern of the boat on my way and I couldn't have space to grab the stern. After a few attempts my friend moved the tender out of the way and I was able to came very close to the stern and jump on it, after I safety release and deflate the kite when it was on my hand.

  All the boat stuff was much easier than I was expecting, but need to be made with care because you can rip your kite or get the lines tangled on some spots.

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