Sand Island South

Wellsford, New Zealand

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Sand Island South - first time

Sand Island South, Wellsford
Kite Surfing: freeride
4:30 pm - 6 pm Sunday. January 7. 2018
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Wind Direction: SW Wind Strength: powered

 Sand Island South (Tapora) - Dice 12 meters, Jaime 136cm with Bruno and Jessyka.

 For a long time we have been talking go to Sand Island but never happen till today. We got there a bit later around 15:30, we should be there around 13:00 as Tony from Blue Adventure advice me, still high tide but at 16:00 tide started to dry.

  The place is amazing, a bit far from Auckland but worth all the time driving, is beautiful, is flat, have plenty of space, is shallow, was a bit gust but this was after a storm and have no wind elsewhere I believe in the normal conditions here should be just fine. The place we were kiting was a little too shallow, less than ankle dip in some spot but have a option to go a bit more south and get a waist dip. We were riding behind the Sand Island, if we went further South we were riding with a bit more clean wind as well. We didn't because we were not with a 4 wheel car and we didn't want to take a risk to be stuck on the sand beach, but we could manage to get to the beach with a two 'normal' cars, Honda Fit and Toyota Ipsum.

  My session was not that great in terms of try something new, I was tired of all these days kiting and I didn't want jump in a ankle dip water. Bruno did some really nice jumps and Jessyka had her session as well, she is learning faster.

  This is the place where we need to come for a long session, like come on middle to high tide and stay till middle to low tide, I am sure Bruno and Jessyka are dreaming to come back ASAP like me.


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"sand island south - first time"
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