Te Atatu - Harbour View Beach

(AKA Te Atatu) Auckland, New Zealand

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Te Atatu

Te Atatu - Harbour View Beach, Auckland
Kite Surfing: freeride
5:30 pm - 6:30 pm Wednesday. January 31. 2018
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Wind Direction: NE Wind Strength: powered

  Te Atatu - Dice 9 meters, Twin-tip Jaime 136cm with: Fabio.

  First time at Te Atatu, I went there to check this place out, I was expecting a bit more. I get there almost 5 pm, Fabio was waiting a guy for a kitesurf lesson and Ticiana was teaching some one in the water, the tide was low but filling in fast. After talk a bit with Fabio I pumped my 9 meters Dice, I launched Fabio's kite and he launched for me when he was flying his kite.

  The place is very nice, a grass to pump and launch, big flat hard mud spot, need to pay attention when is walking because have some rocks, some shells and the hard mud can be slippery, but pretty easy. Wind was gusty not crazy gusty but gusty, the big problem was the place was very choppy. The choppy was exact 90 degrees when sailing on port tack, this means was very difficult to me find a flat spot to jump.

  I tried some jump on starboard tack but I was not comfortable with the choppy. At the end I was only moan the grass.

  I was really not impress with this place, maybe I need come back in a better condition.


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