Kina Road Nth

(AKA North Break) Taranaki, New Zealand

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Kina Road Nth:

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Sphincter workout

5 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

After watching the forecast closely for the past 2 weeks I decided that while there was a chance for some sailing on Friday I'd try to apease the mrs by waiting until Sat to head down for the | more...

First Featured April 2011 | 4827 Views | by dan_akl 5 session comments5 6 session photos6 Session has video1 others rate this session5

2011 Wave Nats Day 2

5 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Well what can I say that hasn't been already.... This was very probably the best day wave sailing in my life. The swell was monster with some mast and a half (solid) sets rolling in, but the Nth | more...

First Featured April 2011 | 2250 Views | by chris 4 session comments4 19 session photos19 others rate this session5

Comp Day Grovel fest

4 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Finally enough wind (just) to run the comp.... Rigged the new Naish Force 5.3m and was really glad of its light weight..... its was an epic grovel fest out there. Had the big board and big fin on | more...

First Featured October 2009 | 1723 Views | by chris 13 session comments13 6 session photos6 others rate this session6

Almost another tease

4 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Yesterday the wind just teased us all day only being windy enough for a whole 20 mins (day two of TWC)! No worries, more surf, sun, beers, and bbq :) Today, day 3 TWC was a late start (a big bonus | more...

First Featured October 2009 | 2094 Views | by hanza 3 session comments3 30 session photos30 others rate this session3

Change Tack

3 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Swellmap was giving Arawhata a sweetspot of 9/10 wave quality, 15 sec period and TRC website had 30 kph from the N-NW, this was justification for an early finish to work. At 2:30 I headed for Kina | more...

First Featured October 2008 | 665 Views | by ScottM 5 session comments5 4 session photos4 others rate this session1