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(AKA Le Morne) Le Morne, Mauritius

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One Eye is the most famous wave at Le Morne, named for the old one-eye'd gatekeeper back when the property was undeveloped in the mid-70's and surfers came here to escape the flatness of Tamarin, One Eye's is an outer reef pass wave similar to the Passe L'Ambulante to the north.

The wave at One Eye's is a good left, quick and hollow into the deep water of the pass. It is a very fast left producing a tube and breaks onto a shallow reef only about a harness hook depth once you are out of the white water. Club Mistral guests are not able to sail in One Eye.

One Eye works best in a nice SE swell staying a little more open making it accessible to windsurfers as well as kiters. For windsurfing the best starting size is between 1.5 and 2 meters otherwise you find the wave breaks very close to the reef and very quickly, once its getting a little larger its forming a bit further out so there is time to ride it and duck out over the shoulder before the close out.

In S/SW Swell the wave is either falling over on the reef without much face to ride and in SW is washed out with a lot of white water and closing out very quickly. S/SW will also close the channel at the right end next to the surfers point. One Eye can get up to around 8 meters in the face but at this size the currents both on the reef and in the lagoon really make it far to dangerous to venture out there.

The surfing point which is sheltered from the wind is at the far right of One Eye near a small pas around 4 meters wide which has a very strong current pulling out and right into One Eye right. One Eye right is not really a ridable wave, its falling onto a very live coral reef with many blue sea urchins and canyons.

If you are kitting in One Eye and loose your board after a washing it will normally come in over the reef depending where in One Eye you are washed the board will either go left towards Chameaux or if you are after the half way point in the wave the current will take it to the small channel on the right side next to the surfers point, you need to take it quickly before its sucked around into One Eye right at which point its not really possible to get it back.

In a SE wind the wind on the wave is a bit cross offshore due to the angle of the reef. As I stated before One Eye is a very very fast left which closes out in front of you and on most days its not possible to ride the wave all the way from one end right down to the surfers point. Take care with the close out you will most probably need to duck out over the shoulder which if this is the case would mean its best not to take the first wave, especially on larger days when the wave you ducked out of leaves a wind shadow from the cross offshore wind direction. The currents behind One Eye take you out to sea.

Take care with the water depths on the reef especially during the winter months (Mauritian Winter) and especially for windsurfing as once closed out there is not enough water to sail over the reef to avoid the next waves.

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Best Tide: higher the better, can be shallow at low tide.

Best Swell Direction: SW

Best Size: 2 to 6 feet, closes out the narrow pass if too big.

Best Wind: SE, the prevailing trade wind.

Perfect-O-Meter: 5 - fun reef pass wave, rather short. (1=Lake Erie; 10=Jeffreys Bay)

Bottom: coral reef, shallow at low tide.

Ability Level: intermediate to advanced, should have some reef surfing experience.

Bring Your: basic 6 - 2, a few barrels and turns.

Best Season: April to October, southern hemisphere winter.

Access: easy, walk out on the beach in front of the Berjaya Resort.

Crowd Factor: a few locals and visitors, more people on weekends.

Local Vibe: pretty relaxed, the "White Shorts" stick to Tamarin for the most part.

Bicep Burn: 8 - long paddle from shore, short wave once you are in the lineup. (1=1ft Waikiki; 10=15ft Ocean Beach)

Poo Patrol: 1 - no sewage and little rubbish this far from shore (1=clean; 10=turds in the lineup)

Shark Danger:4 - if there are sharks, they will be in the Pass.

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