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Orewa cruising

3 star rating Windsurfing: Just Cruising

Had a nice little cruise about Orewa on some bigger kit (7.8m, 118L) this arvo. The wind was a bit up and down but I was generally nicely powered and I was itching to try a new helmet cam the missus | more...

First Featured September 2009 | 3313 Views | by Neill 5 session comments5 2 session photos2 Session has video1 others rate this session2

Down the line in Auckland baby!

5 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Got a txt from Tony at 7:20 waking me up after a restful slumber. Litereally lept out of bed and hit the road. Almost had to rub my eyes when I arrived at the beach, cross shore about logo high and | more...

First Featured July 2009 | 4640 Views | by dan_akl 5 session comments5 5 session photos5 Session has video1 others rate this session9