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Abrolhos Islands


Epic Abrolhos Trip - Day 1

Abrolhos Islands, Geraldton
Kite Surfing: waves
11 pm - 3 pm Saturday. January 30. 2010
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Wind Direction: SW Wind Strength: powered

Car packed and ready to go we left Perth on 5pm for hte 4 hour haul up to Geraldton to board the the "Island Leader" enroute to the Abrolhos Islands. Last to arrive at 9:30pm we quickly loaded on our 8 kites, 4 surfboards, food and booze while apologising to the plethora of windsurfers we'd kept waiting.

The swell was running at about 4.5 meters into Geraldton, and winds up around 20 knots so it was a bumpy 3 hour journey out to our resting place in the islands.

around 10am we left our mooring out to one of the off-shore reefs about an hour away - it was cranking. THe winds were up around 22-25 knots, gusting a bit over that on occasion.

Boat launching was interesting given none of the three kiters had done it before. We had minimal issues the first run and got out ok.

The boat was anchored about 2km from the inside reef, with massive chuncks of swell and breaking monster waves in between. I played it relativerly safe before my mate got in the water, then we headed towards the reef.

We had our fare share or riding monster waves, even getting in the pocket of the odd one with a few tuens inbetween. The poleys were absolutely killing it.

Wave of the day came through - well over 12ft at the face and Seb got nailed. Luckily given the wind was running cross on-shore the waves were crumbling as apposed to bone crunching.

Fantastic session. Daunting, but good to get out there.

We then headed back to the mooring and got a quick session in. On one side of the bay it was perfect flat water, and waves breaking on the other. I made the trek over to the other side of the island, only to nail my feet on the sharp coral - little nics and holes all through them now - so bloody painful.

6 thumbs up!



03.02.10 9.26 pm
Awesome! Great trip and pix! That's a big swell for summer in WA.


03.02.10 10.13 pm
looking good!!


03.02.10 11.08 pm
serious looking territory!!


04.02.10 7.54 am
Nice log... sounds like a great session


01.03.10 8.12 pm
Awesome photos

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