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MCC, Mana
Windsurfing: Freestyle
1 pm - 3 pm Sunday. April 25. 2010
my rating 4 star rating
Wind Direction: NW Wind Strength: overpowered   using 4.1 - 4.5m sail. Swell Direction: Swell Size: nonexistent Tide: Low - Rising.

After 3 and a half weeks of a self enforced break from windsurfing I was amping to get in the water. Hooked up with Easy E and Tim Haxell to scout some possible freestyle spots around the narrow neck of the Porirua Harbour. Set off from Whiteria Park side of Plimmy and after annoying the kiters for a while shot off downwind not knowing exactly what to expect.

Spot 1 The shallows The first spot we came to was a starboard tack spot which was ok but a little shallow. After I suffered a major prang with a sand bank we set off downwind again. Wind was surprisingly strong in the neck of the entrance, at least 5 knots on top of the gusts at plim. Nice standing chop enabled some high and dry forwards too. The entrance mustn't be more than 100 metres across and felt like sailing on a small river.

Spot 2 The MCC The next spot was a port tack spot right in front of the Mana Cruising Club. Nice sandy beach, grassy bank and park surrounding it, super flat water, super deep just off the bar. Epic Freestyle. Would have stayed here longer if I could do any decent moves on port tack.

Spot 3 Railways Next stop had a port and starboard tack spot. The starboard tack spot was the best of the two and we lingered here for a while before Eric noticed a guy standing on the Mana marina break water shouting and waving. Thought we might have got into trouble with the boaties but as I went over to investigate and discovered that it was Chris Brown who had seen us from his place and come down to investigate and take pictures.

Back to the MCC Chris couldn't get close to where we were sailing so we tacked back up to the MCC for a photo hog session. This spot ended up being awesome, super flat and fast, the boys were cranking Easy E cranking around some of the finest spocks i have seen him do, Tim Haxell was absolutely going off cranking through dozens of spock OH, super quick grubbies and even a grubby diabalo. Awesome to watch, in fact quite a few park goers sat on the bank to watch the action.

Eventually got tired and decided to tack back to Whiteria, which took quite a while against the incoming tide.

Awesome session nothing like exploring new spots and finding smooth water, especially in Wellington. Will definitely be back here soon.

Note to self: this spot is much better accessed through the Mana marina.

4 thumbs up!



25.04.10 10.43 pm
Bless Eric and his socks...!?


25.04.10 11.27 pm
yeah you can easily see the sand bars in the map above. I could have got to the other breakwater to take picks of you guys at "Railways" but it was a long walk.... better just to shout and get you to come to me ;)

Look out for this spot in a Sth too... wind funnel will work in a similar way


25.04.10 11.38 pm
Gotta be the G-spot the way you guys were screaming....


26.04.10 10.14 am
only 4 stars pfft


26.04.10 10.19 am
...cos he kept crashing


26.04.10 5.56 pm
. . . yeah that, and i pranged my board and re-stubbed my toe.

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