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4 star rating Windsurfing: Bump n Jump

Where was Travis??? That session really confirms the great pleasures windsurfing has to offer more especially when all the guys are out together. Good to officially meet kiwi Neil, Stu and Alex. | more...

First Featured January 2010 | 1600 Views 3 session comments3 2 session photos2 others rate this session2

Snells Beach

4 star rating Windsurfing: Waves

Cold, slightly over powered on 4.5s. Right wind for swell to jump, had to read between waves because they were wind swell and not much room between waves. Lot of fun, lot of wipe outs, Neill tried | more...

First Featured August 2009 | 1482 Views 4 session comments4 5 session photos5 others rate this session3

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4 star rating Tapora

Tapora, Wellsford Windsurfing: Bump n Jump 4.30 pm - 6.45 pm Friday. January 8. 2010
3 session comments3 2 session photos2 others rate this session2

Where was Travis??? That session really confirms the great pleasures windsurfing has to offer more especially when all the guys are out together. Good to officially meet kiwi Neil, Stu and Alex. Started on 6.4 with 105ltr, needed to let down hall out for some more power 1/2 hour into session and the rest was a blast. Travis - you would have been in your element. Thanx to Neill for suggesting the session and to Paul for the BBQ idea. Not having

| more...

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Sunday. September 16. 2012 2.30pm

Commented on Gav's Kite Surfing session “U know your kites too big when..” at Whangateau Harbour

I bet the other half missing was Jas!!!

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Fine artist, graphic designer, illustrator and photographer who loves the big outdoors. Born and bred in West Oz, hippied the late 60's early 70's, fled to NZ, found a business, went bald and started to earn some legitimate coin. Current fleet - JP 105L XR (great for Auck. fickle winds and getting full carve jibes sorted - Mistral SUP - JPl 82L RWW, FWS, Kinetic 120lL (The bullet) - NP CAMBERED - 9.4, 9.8, 8.5, 7.8, 6 (Out there while others are playing golf in light winds) - NP RAF - 7.2, 6.4, 5.2, 4.5 and 3.7 (Auckland winds need the quiver) Cameras - Canon 5D, 7D - 28mm through 320mm f2.8 lenses. Canon D10 dedicated underwater with video.

Sponsors: Not sponsored but these guys look after me so worth a mention. WSP (Phil and Mark) Barrys Point Road, North Shore, Auckland.
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May 2012

andrewr : Have you seen Rob? When I left Martins Bay at 5pm his car was still there - I last saw him sailing towards snells. What's your phone number? Andrew (0277138826)

Mar 2012

wombat : Cheers Scott. Favoured winds or NNE, NE, E, SE. We sail most winds and have recently discovered SW is brilliant if its not to gusty and over 22knts+, Great for speed sailing. Anything from the east is good for BnJ with different tides effecting the condition of the ramps. Some of the guys are now sailing around Kawau Island for adventure. Re the fin size. On very low low tides it maybe an issue but I have sailed that size and walked out a bit further + you have the who;e of the bay to play in. When there are good spring tides its not an issue for a couple of hours around high tide. Best option if you don't like the walk is launch @ 3/4 tide coming in for a good 3 hour sesh. If tide is to low for your liking and the wind is good you can always shoot around to Algies Bay where you launch in front of the boat ramp. About 5 mins away from SB. Hope this is helpful. txt 021 425 941 for 4cast. We have a network up here tween Shakes and Omaha.

Mar 2012

Karve : hi Wombat - i am quite keen to come up to Snells for a blast this weekend or the next. i just have a couple of questions about the area. 1. how deep does it get in the bay? from what i have heard it is shallow, is it deep enough for a 56cm fin, have smaller kit but incase i take out the SLW i just need to know if the tide hight would restrict that fin size if i had to go big? 2. also what wind directions are the best, are there any directions that are not worth the trip for. thanks heaps Scott

Nov 2011

wombat : Try this link.

Nov 2011

ropata : wheres the vid mate

Oct 2010

wombat : Cheers, appreciated the sentiments. Hope all well in farmsville. Have last physio (I hope on Tues). Have to use skip rope to increase strength and hope to get out on sup this w'end. Was out @ The Great Dessert Cafe recently. How far u out @ Puka? Try these 3 vids for some variety.

Oct 2010

puka5 : Check this out mate. Something to help inspire and motivate you while you recovering. How are ya anyway

Sep 2010

puka5 : Get better soon brother, you missing out on all the fun!!

Sep 2010

puka5 : You coming out today then?!

Sep 2010

wombat : Actually the visit to the physio was great. Got a whole lot of new info re keeping leg muscles in better shape cause I noticed up @ Rangas they felt tight. Squash just tipped them over the edge.

Sep 2010

puka5 : sorry to hear about the injury mate, bloody dangerous sport that squash!

May 2010

wombat : Thx. Been on a couple of jobs, then game of squash @ WW b grade champs, 1 pm. Might get out mid avo. 2 day prob @ SB because of time limit. Next few days looking x for tired bodies!!!! Prob catch Sun, Mon.

May 2010

Gav : omaha bar end of success st. ne and low wind swell G

Apr 2010

puka5 : Gidday mate.Some interestin things goin on in your ws career at the mo by the sounds. Must catch up soon, I STILL got your camera case.

Apr 2010

yankiwi : Hey Ian. I have a new mobile number 021 425 822. You interested in Brick Bay this afternoon if windy?

Mar 2010

Neill : Friday Swer looking good. Am thinking of snatching a post-work sessh at Brick Bay on Friday if interested. Would prefer BB over Te Haruhi to ease my knee into things.

Feb 2010

wombat : Still wondering!!! Maybe I should just bite the bullet and go. Heaps of work and big wedding tomorrow.

Feb 2010

puka5 : You on for a sail at Te Haruhi mid dayish??

Jan 2010

Neill : Having lunch with my parents tomorrow (Mon) so could probably only manage a session at Orewa from mid arvo.

Jan 2010

puka5 : Cool shots of the ocean classic at Lancelin. Bit of wind in the forecast Fingers xed!